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I love this product. I've been on glp-1 (tirzepatide)meds for almost 1 yr now and just discovered Biocare. Let me tell you, it's helped my "journey" so much! I wish I would've discovered it sooner😄

Works For me!

It does everything it needs to do for me and the taste is OK. It's a bit pricey so I can't use it everyday as I'd like to do. So, other than the price it's awesome.

Absolutely love the mixed fruit flavor. It is light not gritty and goes down easy. I have recommended Biocare to everyone that has any side effects. It was a life changer for me.

Blends great, isn't to sweet and taste great!

Love this 😀

Love Biocare!

Love Biocare! Definitely helps me stay regular, bloating etc. I just put Biocare in my water, tastes great ❤️

Mixed fruit

Not as tasty as the chocolate. But know how good the nutrition is for my body.

Chocolate Beverage
Charlotte W.
Best tasting protein shake

I would never drink a protein shake with water but this tastes so good! The chocolate is incredible and I love how it helps me with protein intake in a smaller dose. Only 6 oz

I love the flavors and it really helps with digestion.

These shakes taste delicious and I love the fact that they are so full of vitamins.

BioCare for Cancer patients too!!!

I am very familiar with BioCare. BioCare is a staple on my Glp-1 journey so I asked myself “Could it possibly help my dad with stage 4 cancer who is sick from treatments?” My father started BioCare may 3rd and within a week he started to feel better and his doctor reported his overall health has improved. I need to mention the physical symptoms of chemo have stopped COMPLETELY. I am in tears writing this, Thank you so much.

Thank you for sharing your experience with BioCare and for trusting our product for your dad's health journey. We are so happy to hear that Biocare has been beneficial for your father during his cancer treatment. We wish your father continued improvement and good health.

I love the Chocolate!

I really enjoy both the berry and chocolate shakes and have found them very helpful with my side effects from my Zepbound use. It helps me not feel the jitters and helps me with my bloating and discomfort that sometimes comes after I take the shots. I am really enjoying this product,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a sweet review. We're thrilled to hear that our Chocolate Beverage has been helpful for you, especially in managing the side effects of your Zepbound use. It means a lot to us that our product is making a positive difference for you. We appreciate your support and we're always here to help if you need anything. Thanks again!

No noticeable change

Don't waste your money. No noticeable change in side effects of GLP1 and super expensive for bland tasting protein.

Thank you for your honest and canded feedback. A member of our team will be in touch!

Shaker lid

The lid is hard to close and open.


I've since reordered more! The shakes have done wonders for my symptoms of nausea and the headaches I get in the first few days after my shot. As a great bonus, the taste is like the very best chocolate shake you've ever had!! 😋 Absolutely no funky "diet" taste, just luxurious chocolate. I use my bullet blender, and add ice in addition to the 6 oz of water, and the result is thick and satisfying. I highly recommend this product!

Thank you for leaving such a wonderful review for our Chocolate Beverage. We're glad to hear that it has been a lifesaver for you and that you've already reordered more. It's great to know that it has helped with your nausea and headaches after your shot. We take pride in the taste of our Chocolate Beverage and we're happy to hear that you enjoy it so much. We always strive to provide a delicious and satisfying product.

This really does make a difference. Well worth the money!

Great stuff!

Chocolate biocare

I love this product! The flavor, the consistency and it is really helping with my nausea from Mounjaro.

We are thrilled to hear that you love the flavor and consistency of our product. We are also happy to hear that it's been helpful with your nausea. We hope it continues to bring you relief. Thank you for choosing Biocare!

Berry biocare

I didn't care for the flavor of the berry biocare smoothy. I love the chocolate!

Thank you for your candid review. A member of our team will be touch!

Great product definitely helps with bloating and nausea

Upset stomach

Made nausea worse for me.

Only whey shake I can drink

I used to drink these under the previous line and they’re really the only whey shake that does not give me bloating and other GI issues. Easy to drink and digest and has good amount of protein.
Please make more flavors!! Chocolate mint used to be the best!

We're so glad to hear that it's the only whey shake that doesn't give you any bloating or GI issues. We're always working on expanding our flavors, so stay tuned for any updates!

Good Product

This has become my go-to breakfast, esp. when my stomach is feeling a bit off. Definitely helps decrease the nausea from GLP medication.

Shared packaging with my doctor, who was impressed with the ingredient list, esp the high protein.

Only one recommendation—please think about making a plant-based protein version.

We're delighted to hear that it has become your go-to breakfast and is helping with any stomach discomfort. We're also happy that your doctor was impressed with our ingredient list. We appreciate your recommendation for a plant-based protein version and will definitely share with our team.

Works Amazing! Thank you Biocare!

Mixed fruit

This flavor is awful. It’s grainy and has an awful aftertaste.

Thank you for your honest feedback. A member of our team will be reaching out!

Ordered 3 @ $63. Only received 1 box. Emailed Biocare customer service, and I am still waiting for a response