The first product on the market to help reduce semaglutide side effects, preserve lean muscle mass, and provide essential daily nutrient intake for people using weight loss medication.

We developed and introduced our Biocare dietary beverage for consumers just like you — for individuals seeking to improve their health, wellness and quality of life through meaningful weight loss.

When we recognized that side effects and nutritional deficiencies associated with weight loss medications were potential roadblocks in your weight loss medication journey, we aimed to clear the way through Biocare.

What makes Biocare So Special?

Biocare is a delicious dietary beverage designed to complement weight loss medications to help ensure your daily nutritional intake requirements are met.

It’s scientifically-designed with a proprietary blend ingredients to help ease digestion, preserve muscle mass, and minimize the common side effects associated with the use of GLP-1 medications.*

“It is important to us to deliver a high quality product that is delicious, nutritious and helpful. We hope we have done that with Biocare, and wish you success and good health.” — Robert Schwartz, President