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Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate Blend – to make up for the significant dietary deficit associated with
reduced calorie and delayed intestinal access

Leucine – GLP-1 appetite suppression with reduced protein intake lowers dietary leucine availability

Ground Flaxseed – the body requires dietary Omega-3 for proper function of the heart, brain and the immune system

Vitamins and Minerals – to make up for deficits associated with reduced gastric emptying and reduced nutrition intake

Soluble Prebiotic Fibers

Digestively Stable Probiotics

GutGard®️ – Clinically Researched Natural Bioactive for Daily Digestive Health


®️ (Zinc-Carnosine)

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Available plans include:

Every Two Weeks
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Other Nutrition Supplements
Anti-Nausea and Anti-Boating Bioactives
Easily Digestible 6 oz serving
Probiotics & Prebiotic Fibers
100% DV or more of 26 Vitamins and Minerals in 2 servings
Menaquinone-7 (Vitamin K2) and Vitamin D3 Some advantage
High Quality Protein 20 grams per serving
Leucine 2.5g per serving
Medium Chain Triglycerides
Good Source of Omega-3
Whey Protein Blend

Customer Reviews

Based on 145 reviews

I love this product. I've been on glp-1 (tirzepatide)meds for almost 1 yr now and just discovered Biocare. Let me tell you, it's helped my "journey" so much! I wish I would've discovered it sooner😄

Works For me!

It does everything it needs to do for me and the taste is OK. It's a bit pricey so I can't use it everyday as I'd like to do. So, other than the price it's awesome.


Absolutely love the mixed fruit flavor. It is light not gritty and goes down easy. I have recommended Biocare to everyone that has any side effects. It was a life changer for me.

Blends great, isn't to sweet and taste great!

Love this 😀

Love Biocare!

Love Biocare! Definitely helps me stay regular, bloating etc. I just put Biocare in my water, tastes great ❤️