Biocare Behavior Transition Program

Developed by top experts in the field, the Biocare Behavior Transition Program is available exclusively to you — completely free of charge with a purchase of Biocare — to use to build healthy behaviors while taking your weight loss medications and Biocare dietary beverages. It will also help you when you transition off of your medication.


What is it?

The Biocare Behavior Transition Program includes SEVEN CRITICAL LIFESTYLE TOPICS AND A SERIES OF 17 WORKSHEETS to help you put healthy behaviors into practice while you are losing weight. Even if you transition away from taking weight loss medications, these new healthy habits are designed to help you maintain your weight loss and improved wellness.


How much is it?

While other companies may charge $70 per month or more for this valuable content, the Biocare Behavior Transition Program is available free of charge to Biocare customers.


What topics are included?

Healthy eating/nutrition, building good habits, physical activity, staying motivated, self-care, time management, problem solving, empowerment and support, and long-term strategies are a handful of the insightful lessons. All of it is designed to flow on an easy-to-follow path — with practical advice provided at each stage — to make your journey a successful one.


Why do I need this program?

Weight loss medications can jumpstart your health and wellness journey, but they are just one tool in your weight loss toolbox. Semaglutide medications are most effective long-term when they are paired with heathy lifestyle habits, such as diet, exercise and self-care.